Meet Christopher

I was born August 6, 1972, in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was raised in small private Baptist schools from 2nd grade to graduation. I was always the class clown, always making people laugh, or get irritated enough to lock me in the school lockers, car truck, tie me in the trees.

I never minded because I was happy getting the attention at all. During Elementary through college, I was always active in plays, skits, singing, public speaking and Improv comedy. By junior high I was writing sermons and performing the sermons on stage and my church. I have taught Sunday school classes and worked as a summer camp junior counselor at Red Cliff Bible Camp. This is where me and Dorothy Tubbs the other junior counselor performed hymns in Sign Language each week. My entire life I have been stepping outside of my box to express my creativity and imagination in anyway possible.

As a young child my mother and I would dress up like clowns/mimes and go to the park to do little shows for them and make balloon animals for fun. I have devoted my life to bringing smiles on everyone’s face around me. Sometimes my shadows/Other Inside are dark, but the true goal is to transform my Darkness/Other Inside; into something beautiful that at least one person can learn from my deeds, my pain, my joy, my laughter. Being life of the Party is something I have always excelled at doing. I can enter a room where I know no one, and still bring life to the party. Whether playing myself as a comedian, or playing a clown, pirate, animal. I can host your live party with entertainment as requested. Getting a rise out of the audience is one of my best natural talents. And bringing life into a stagnant environment is one of my specialties.

I am also well adverse in Public Speaking. I know how to hold an audience to the end of the “show”. I can deliver motivational and inspirational lectures/zoom meetings to bring depth back into life. After suffering a real torture/assault last year, I have decided that my voice, thoughts, feelings and all that follow will no longer be snuffed out. As RuPaul would say, I bring my Creativity, Uniqueness, bold nerve and raw talent to every stage, Use my light to help conquer the darkness.